Standard Line - Isothermal

From 430 litters to 1110 litters to use with removable eutectic plates - ATP Standards (IR)

  • Type

    -20°C or 0°C

  • Operation

    By accumulation

  • Type of use

    Door to door with 4 to 5 hours autonomy delivering 3 to 4 customers in a few hours

  • Type of Goods

    Meat transport, Dairy transport, Fish and seashell transport, Frozen food delivery, Ice cream transport

BODY - One-piece design consisting of sandwich panels made of fiberglass and rigid polyurethane foam, with tongue and groove joint for improved isothermal efficiency. Gelcoat food-specific white finishing. External finish with press-formed profiles made of pre-painted steel.

REFRIGERATION SYSTEM Place the eutectic plates in a freezer during few hours then place the plates inside the box before leaving. Plates for - 0/+4°C must be frozen at - 10°C, and plates for - 20°C must be frozen at least at - 33°C.

For truck use

Boxes made to fit on every type of vans or trucks from the rear, the refrigeration unit can be set on the rear corner or on the body top. the pallet sized fits on the trucks side doors too.


Customize your box with your type of use or activity, the isothermal panel will be reinforced in the inside to allow a higher resistance.

Stainless feet
Fixed on a plastic pallet
Hooks for meat
Aluminum shelve
Removable Eutectic Plates

For a "pallet use"

The pallet sized box fits on the trucks side doors too.

High Quality Standards

Assembled like a truck isothermal body, our boxes will ensure long term resistance and guarantee you the temperature set. Each corner is reinforced in the inside and protected in the outside to allow it a long life on your side.

By inserting metal plates or wood pieces strategically inside the sandwich panel during the production process, every items screwed will be reliably fixed with a clean result on the outside.

Because we build ourselves every panel, we are able to offer you the best result.

Send us a request, we also develop custom made solutions at standard prices to match your needs.

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