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Eutectic Radiant Solution

It is one of the oldest way to cool and preserve food.
By transforming water in ice under the 0°C temperature, the thermal energy accumulated will be released at a stable temperature.
The amount of energy to solidify the liquid is equal to the amount of energy released to turn into liquid.
This transformation is called passive refrigeration.
By keeping food in the same box than ice, the food will absorb the thermal energy released by the ice until the ice completes its melting process.

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The Multi-temperature System can be set up in every type of truck even on electric and/or hybrid vehicle. The solution is independent from the vehicle's motor due to a refrigeration unit working only during the parking time at the warehouse. A unique remote compressor for 2 temperatures will frozen the eutectic liquid inside the tubes for an autonomy up to 12 hours.
Developed by Eutectic System engineers, ERS is a sum-up of our company. Made to increase company efficiency by reducing weight, this solution is based on your specific needs.
We developed the same technology on single temperature bodies for cool products for companies looking for less weight.

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We applied the same manufacturing system as that of "isothermal trucks" achieving the best compromise between durability/weight and saving, both in terms of maintenance and energy costs.


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